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SOUL SLAM: MJ vs. Prince

Who has the ability to persuade over 600 New Yorkers to defy nature, trudge through the pouring rain and have a blast doing it?  Michael Jackson, Prince, DJ Spinna and Keita of KeiStar Productions.

Together the first two, arguably the music world’s greatest treasures, gave us a beyond sick catalog of tunes that our generation and future generations will be singing and grooving to and crying to and making babies to for eons.  The third, one of the dopest mixologists to be birthed, takes said catalog of tunes and orchestrates an epic battle.  And the latter, one of the baddest party promoters – male or female – on planet earth brings ‘em all under one roof for an unforgettable experience.

Last Saturday, the seventeenth SOUL SLAM: Michael Jackson vs. Prince jumped off at the Union Square Ballroom and once again it did not disappoint.  Created by KeiStar Productions Founder Keita in 1999, Continue reading

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The Radically Fabulous Experience Sweepstakes


SOUL SLAM centers around a battle between two of the most eclectic and innovative artists to date: Michael Jackson and Prince! From the inception of this concept by KeiStar Productions in 1999 the response for SOUL SLAM has been enormous. This event turns into a DJ battle with one DJ! – the incomparable DJ SPINNA and an audience of hardcore MJ and Prince fans!
DJ Spinna sets the tone of this event as he lays down track after track from both MJ’s and Prince’s extensive music catalogues along with tracks of their cohorts.  The world-renowned SOUL SLAM has taken place in it’s hometown New York City as well as in San Francisco, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Paris, & Japan!

SOUL SLAM has become a legendary and a highly anticipated annual party; its been frequented by A-List entertainers such as Stevie Wonder, Spike Lee, Rosario Dawson, Judah Friedlander, Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi, Mos Def, R&B crooner Maxwell, Sean “P-Diddy” Combs and the Olsen Twins, to name a few.

One lucky winner will snag a pair of tickets to this unforgettable event, add his or her name to the list, and make a guest appearance on The Socialite Design!

For a chance to win a pair of tickets to  SOUL SLAM: (a) You must subscribe to The Socialite Design, (b) “LikeDJ Spinna on Facebook, (c) and correctly answer the following questions by April 15, 2011 (HINT: The answers can be found on KeiStarProductions.com by clicking the underlined key words in each question.) It’s the easiest open book test ever!) Use the contact form at the end of this post to transmit the correct answers to me. Persons who score a Perfect 2 and follow the other directions will be entered into a drawing.  Only one person can win! Good luck!

The Radically Fabulous Experience Sweepstakes Pop Quiz

  1. SOUL SLAM has been celebrated how many times (i.e. how many “parts” have there been)?  READ THE QUESTION CAREFULLY!
  2. KeiStar was founded on what principle?


1. In order to qualify to win you must: (a) Subscribe to The Socialite Design, (b)”Like” DJ Spinna on Facebook, (c) and answer both questions correctly by April 15, 2011 at 5:59pm est.

2. Only one entry per person.

3. You cannot win more than once within a 60-day period. You can enter both of the current April sweepstakes, but you canNOT win both prizes.

4. Its my game and my rules, so I reserve the right to cancel the contest at any time or extend entry dates. Yep, just like on the playground.

5. If you gave birth to me or are married to the person who gave birth to me or gave birth to the person who gave birth to me, you aren’t eligible to win. Sorry Mom & Grandma, but in the off chance that you happen to win I don’t want any “No fair; that’s yo mama drama!”

6.  Contest ends on April 15, 2011 at 5:59pm est.

7.  The drawing will be conducted by Fort Greene SNAP on or around April 15, 2011.  The winner will be announced on The Socialite Design soon after the name is drawn.  Since you must be a subscriber to claim the prize that means you’ll be notified via email immediately after I post the name of the lucky person!

8. Prize includes only a pair of tickets to SOUL SLAM: Prince vs. Michael Jackson. Prize does NOT include lodging or transportation (MetroCard, Airfare, Gas Money, Bus fare, Train fare, etc. In other words, get there the best way you can! ;-))

9. To SUBSCRIBE look in the upper right hand corner, type your email address in the designated slot & click “Sign me up!”  Then check your inbox (and spam folder) for the confirmation email. Once you confirm, you’re in and on your way to exciting adventures and possibly winning a pair of tix to this super hot experience!



Established in 1997, KeiStar Productions has demonstrated a very strong community focus solely dedicated to connecting people by creating alternative platforms and outlets that honor and celebrate diversity in music, dance, art, film and lifestyles.

KeiStar has produced numerous cutting edge events that have received major accolades from its main audience, as well as national and international recognition.  These events are based on themes and concepts that favor notable artists while providing spaces for its audience to experience journeys that are gratifying and always memorable!


The Fort Greene SNAP’s mission is to provide low and moderate income residents, in and near Fort Greene, access to gainful employment, further education, and quality health care by offering programs in technology, entrepreneurship and life skills.


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DJ Spinna

Last Saturday night, I found myself in Soho at the Santos Party House celebrating the birthday of good friend and turntable assassin DJ Spinna.  This world-renowned mixologist and music producer has a record collection that would make Quincy Jones weep and boasts a serious fan-base in places like London, Paris and Tokyo.  He has collaborated with many major artists including Eminem, Stevie Wonder, Mos Def and jazz great Roy Ayers.

L - R: Tracee Loran, Marj Petion, Keita Petion-Williams

Along with his wife and my close, close homie, Keita Petion-Williams  (aka Kee-Ah-Tah aka The Mayor of Brooklyn) of KeiStar Productions, Spinna throws the hottest parties in New Yawk City! If you are not on the KeiStar invite list you are most definitely missing out.  This multi-hyphenated duo doesn’t just give a party; they host an experience!  Their theme-based events “Soul Slam: Prince vs. Michael Jackson”, and “WONDER-Full: Tribute To The Genius of Stevie Wonder” are legendary and have been frequented by many A-list entertainers such as Stevie Wonder, Spike Lee, Rosario Dawson, Judah Friedlander, Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi, Mos Def, R&B crooner Maxwell, Sean “P-Diddy” Combs and the Olsen Twins.

Big shout to my Gurl, fellow April Baby and P.I.C. for many KeiStar events, Marj ‘aka Lula aka The Sarge’ Petion.  We perfected our fist-pumping moves and are def ready to go to “Jersey Shore, bee-yatch!” Watch out, Snooki.

Spinna and his co-conspirators, DJ Scratch and Kenny Dope certainly didn’t disappoint as they spun a funky mix of classic hip-hop & soul, deep house and contemporary hits.  The energy was good, the music was hot and the night was a blast!

Stayin' Alive!

Photographer Nicholas Small came through to capture all of that goodness, and he didn’t miss a beat.  He immortalized much of the essence that blankets a KeiStar production.  If you don’t believe me just look to your left and right.

Mama Say, Mama Sa...

To help select a wardrobe for the evening, I enlisted the assistance of up and coming stylist Scot Louie whose client list includes Danielle Staub of Real Housewives of New Jersey fame and new docu-series Social.  I kept it simple donning a black

Oh You Fancy, Huh?

tie-neck blouse, pair of skinny jeans and black studded flats.  Despite the party “heat” I maintained my cool and exited the soiree with my gear in tact! And I managed to “find” some cash when two party animals offered me forty bucks to babysit their coats. Ahhh, I NY!  Don’t hate, socialites need cash too. 😉

Do yourself a favor, go to Amazon right now and add some DJ Spinna joints to your cart (one of my fav Spinna records is “Boogie-Back: Post Disco Club Jams”). Then finagle your way onto the KeiStar Productions invite list.  All the cool people do it.  Maybe, just maybe, I’ll see you at the next experience.

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week begins next Thursday and my calendar is already full! You don’t wanna miss out on my exploits, so make sure you click the “Sign me up!” button in the upper right hand corner to follow along. Until the next party, stay radically fabulous…


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