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Socially Acceptable: BOOKER T. MATTISON


Hey Hey Hey! The Socialite Design is expanding! Our newest feature, “Socially Acceptable”, spotlights some of the world’s most talented artists, athletes, entrepreneurs, professionals, and humanitarians. The inaugural installment of “Socially Acceptable” is somewhat of a hybrid creation – blog post-magazine article-novel-screenplay.  It’s the first time that something like this has ever been attempted in the history of blogs…we think.   Though it is a hybrid, it’s not intended to be green, improve the environment, preserve petro, or anything of the sort. However, the producer(s) of this hybrid believe that after reading it you will be smarter and more conscious. There is no guarantee how much more because everyone matriculates and absorbs information at a different pace. This hybrid blog post-magazine article-novel-screenplay is pretty epic because the protagonist has a lot of profound ish to say (and none of them are swear words…we swear).

Unlike lauded Hollywood movies, e.g. The Blind Side or The Pursuit of Happyness,  it’s not based on a true story, it IS a true story. If your lunch break is over before you’re able to reach the end, DVR it (yes we realize that you can’t DVR the written word, but just go with it).

Without further adieu… Continue reading

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The Radically Fabulous Skin & Body Sweepstakes!


I’m super excited to announce the latest giveaway from The Socialite Design just in time for summer!  Recently I attended a swanky affair sponsored by Arbonne International, a company that promotes beautiful skin and a healthy body the way nature intended it – naturally. Well, I’m all about beautiful skin and a healthy body without the use of chemicals that do more harm than good, which is why I have partnered up with Arbonne Independent Consultants Sonja G. Bernard & Sally Stewart to bring you The Radically Fabulous Skin & Body Sweepstakes!  The winner will receive an exhilarating unisex prize of botanically rich, chemical-free products that rejuvenate your entire body.  The total prize package is worth ninety-seven bucks, but that’s the just the monetary value; the health benefits extend far beyond dollars and cents.  Enter now and here’s what you just might win: Continue reading

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And the Winner Is…

TIM WHITLEY!!!!! Congratulations, Tim! You are the winner of the The Radically Fabulous Art Snob Sweepstakes . You will receive the numbered and autographed jazz print “John Coltrane” by acclaimed artist Harold D. Smith.   If you are in the Kansas City area there is still time to see Harold Smith’s outstanding exhibit at the American Jazz Museum.  And if you can’t make it, you can always take a virtual trip to Harold’s website and/or the Museum’s site to view his incredible cache of work.

Thanks to all who subscribed and entered the sweepstakes.  I hope you had as much fun as I did.  A very very special thank you to my sponsor  Harold D. Smith. And, a warm ‘thank you’ to Social Media Guru Henrietta Koffi of Fort Greene SNAP for conducting the sweepstakes drawing.

Stay tuned for The Radically Fabulous Skin Sweepstakes for a chance to win an incredible skin care products from Sonja Bernard and Sally Stewart of Arbonne International.  Sorry, Tim W., you’re not eligible to win again until August. Until then enjoy your gorgeous print and blog entries on The Socialite Design! 

If you didn’t win this month, try and try again. There are more radically fabulous prizes on the horizon. So don’t give up because you help make this possible.  Thank you so much!

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