An Open Letter to The Donald

Dear Mr. Trump:

Thanks for effectively helping me cut down my reality TV viewing.  I love competition reality shows; I think they are awesome. And I often get swept up in the drama, tuning in every week to see which of my favorite singers will survive the battle rounds, which designers will be aufed, and which “celebrity” will be fired.  Well, thanks to you I no longer have to worry about the latter.  I simply don’t care.  I cannot continue to feed your pockets by supporting your television shows.  You’ve shown that you just don’t deserve it.

According to statements you made during your public presidential run decision-making shenanigans (insert marketing ploy accusations) you are ‘troubled’ by the support President Obama continues to receive from the Black community.  I’m not sure why you would be troubled by this.  We’ve supported many worthy white candidates over the decades and there didn’t seem to be any uproar.  You said we should support you because you have “great relationships with the Blacks.”  Wow.  You’re clearly out of touch. Strike One.

You were essentially the famous face of the Birther Movement.  Obtuse, sore-losing Republicans who have nothing better to do than to challenge the President’s place of birth.  Strike Two.

We now know that the Birther Movement was a major fail. But still you and your cronies persist. Now you’ve become the famous face of Labor Statistic-Gate – this so-called conspiracy by the Dems and the BLS to cook the books. Strike Three.

Mr. Trump, you certainly have the right to support whomever you please.  You have the right to throw your money to whichever candidate best serves your interests and pockets.  But it is completely irresponsible to use your celebrity and obvious media clout to say things that are outlandish, silly, and more than borderline racist.

I’m aware that in the wake of your “The Blacks” comment, you told the ladies of The View that your show enjoys healthy ratings.  Great for you.  Perhaps you won’t miss me and any of the other MEs out there.  Perhaps like your buddy Mitt, you’re only concerned with 53% of the country.  Perhaps the rest of us can kick rocks.    Whatever the case may be, I am officially done.  Me and my TV say, YOU’RE FIRED!


Tracee Loran


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6 responses to “An Open Letter to The Donald

  1. Well said! I am glad to say that “The Donald” has always sickened me so I have never watched any of his stuff but I am glad to hear you are reformed 🙂

  2. LaVonda

    Very well put Tracee…and clearly to the point!
    I’m glad I’ve never supported Donald Trump in any form or fashion!!

  3. Rotimi

    Great post. I too have stopped watching trump show. I won’t buy his clothing line. Unfortunately, I have bought his shirts and ties in the past. Give him credit though, he’s accomplished what he wanted. More publicity. I think we just need to ignore him and he’ll go away.

    • Thanks. That’s the problem, though. He’s not going away anytime soon. Well he will no longer purposely be on my TV. And I’m hearing other folks saying the same thing. So that’s great!

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