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The Kimberly Taylor Fall 2011 Collection

Wednesday night I dropped by the Dop Dop Salon in Soho for the Kimberly Taylor Fashion Week Fall 2011 Presentation.  Bearing the name of its 25-year old founder, the womenswear label launched in Spring 2009 to rapid success and buzz-worthy reviews.  And why not?   It features fun, classic silhouettes and timeless garments that will undoubtedly transcend many eras of fashion.

L-R: Tracee Loran & Model Greta Sundquist

Using a predominantly black color palate with splashes of vibrant hues in the new collection, Kimberly remains true to her love of versatility as she pays homage to an inspirational London excursion. A long flowy maxi-dress and striking red gown that can double as formal wear or really snazzy night-on-the-town attire make strong, elegant statements while short playful cocktail dresses with animal prints speak to the flirty girl who desires to be trendy yet chic.  Also incorporated in the collection are boyfriend pieces like an over-sized vest and ankle-length trousers that are smart and stylish.

Tracee Loran

Knowing that KT runs a cute & classy operation, I knew that being cute & classy myself was a must!  I enlisted a talented squad of artists to help put my look together. Makeup Artist Sherry Singleton airbrushed my face to perfection.  Her work is flawless and she’s a real sweetheart!

Once again Queens, NY-based jewelry designers Robin and Rachel Adler of Mockfrog helped me accessorize with a lovely Bakelite Bib Necklace that perfectly complemented my Bisou Bisou Scarf Dress, black lace tights and Rampage Pumps.

L-R: Tracee Loran & Celebrity Hairstylist Nadia Vassell

Nadia Vassell, Celebrity Hairstylist and urban fashionista, was my P.I.C. for the evening. She was super hot in a cream DKNY mini and smoldering studded Sam Edelman Peeptoe Pumps that literally stopped traffic!

L-R: Model Kelly Gervais & Tracee Loran

Photographer and Graphic Designer Hideki Aono came along to document the evening. He most definitely worked the room snapping great shots of us with the models, event guests as well as Designer Kimberly Taylor.  Amid all of the hoopla Kimberly took a few minutes to chat with me about her line and vision.  Check out the interview below:

What was the inspiration for this collection?

My inspiration for this collection was a trip to London.  I saw some really sophisticated women dressing more classic than they were trendy. You couldn’t tell what pieces were old and what pieces were new because they were so put together.

L-R: Tracee Loran & Designer Kimberly Taylor

What adjective would you use to describe your line?

I would hope versatility would come to mind.  I would hope pieces with enough detail, but not overdone.  Simple.  Less is more.

What celebrity do you think embodies the Kimberly Taylor label?

That’s a good question…A modern girl; someone with a unique sense of style from a Sarah Jessica Parker to a Kate Bosworth.

If you could dress any historical figure who would it be?

I get to dream?  [Yes.] Jackie Kennedy.  She was elegant.  Elegance is something you can’t buy.

What motivated you to become a designer?

It’s a creative outlet.  My family’s in fashion.  I was always looking for what to wear…  How I would find my own points of view, personally.  Just a way for me to show that [POV] to everybody.

Fill in the blank. When I’m not wearing Kimberly Taylor, I’m wearing_______________.

Underwear. (Laughs)


Designer Kimberly Taylor

Kimberly is cute as a button and she’s imbued with impeccable fashion sense.  Did I mention that she has no formal training (or appearances on reality shows) and she started her label at an age when many people are still trying to find themselves? I’m willing to bet KT designs will line the racks of chic boutiques and high-end department stores for many years to come.  If you want to learn more about Kimberly Taylor or own one of her beautiful pieces, click here.

Fashion Week continues and there’s so much more to share. Until we meet again, stay radically fabulous…

L-R: Model Deanna Thomas & Tracee Loran

L-R: Sunday Wright, Roman Sipe & Tracee Loran

Got Style?

L-R: Greta Sunquist, Nadia Vassell & Kelly Gervais

Fashion Forward


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Unconventional. Eccentric. Creative. The three words that come to mind when describing the Young&ng Fall Presentation held Tuesday night at BODIES: The Exhibition.  Launched in Spring/Summer 2010, the haute couture jewelry line was founded by New Zealand born Designer Michelle Ng; it features exquisite wearable art like embellished headpieces and beautifully crafted cuffs that would  instantly transform Wonder Woman from superhero to Queen B.

It was pure genius and quite befitting to hold the presentation at the Bodies Exhibit, which extensively celebrates and explores the

Bodies @BODIES

human body. The anatomical setting provided a haunting backdrop as I, along with other event guests, walked around the Exhibit gawking at displays of real human bodies that have been prepared through a process called Polymer Preservation.

For about 45 minutes we acted as museum spectators wondering where the fashion show would actually take place.  Would it occur by the halogrammed fats cells or digestive system?  Would naked models mysteriously appear from the belly of the beast, so to speak?  Would Frankenstein or Vincent Price rise like a phoenix to announce the show’s commencement?  These were the questions buzzing in my head.  I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the anticipation was delightful.

L-R: Models Aleksandra Semechkina, Kelly Brown and Alyssa Young

At long last the fashion show began with a haunting musical prelude by Cellist Meaghan Burke. After several minutes of the eerily enchanting serenade, bikini-clad models unceremoniously started their march down the ‘run-way.’  Covered from head to toe in chalky white body paint, the live-action mannequins put on an arresting performance as they each methodically sauntered along the catwalk before striking a pose.  The svelte posers would hold those positions (in 4-inch wedge heels) for the duration of the presentation while we ogled them, admired the Young&ng jewelry that adorned their bodies and relentlessly snapped photos.  Who said modeling was easy?

Antique Gold Window Cuff & Antique Gold w/Red Swavorski Blood Cell Cuff

To put on an incredible spectacle, it takes an incredible team.  Young&ng Designer Michelle Ng laid the foundation with her dynamic vision and distinctive works of art. Also on board were Makeup Artist and Creative Director for the show, Justin Tyme (Yep, say the name rapidly and it will bring a smile to your face);  The Warren-Tricomi Hairstyling Team on Mad Ave; Young&ng Staff including Sales Coordinator Annie Yaker; show sponsor Ramy Gafni of Ramy Cosmetics and the stellar PR firm LERPR.

Tracee Loran, YN Model Alyssa Young and YN Designer Michelle Ng

Like the Young&ng show, I too had help putting my look together.  The very talented Makeup Artist Karen Swaby dropped by to accentuate my face with nice golden hues.  As an ensemble I decided on a slinky purple mosaic dress with smokey gray wool pumps, plum-colored tights and a super cute Lucky Wang clutch.

Tracee Loran & Model Aleksandra Semechkina

Tracee Loran & Ramy Gafni

Mother/daughter duo Robin & Rachel Adler provided my jewelry for the evening.  Their Queens, NY-based company Mockfrog features handcrafted pieces designed with bingo chips and rare bakelite materials.  So cool!

Snapping photos was gifted emerging Fashion Photographer and Graphic Designer Breezy Conner, who perfectly immortalized the “spirit” of the show.

My New York Fashion Week experience started off with a bang.  Next stop – the Kimberly Taylor Fall Presentation and you know I’ll be here to tell you all about it! Until then, stay radically fabulous…

MUA Justin Tyme & Tracee Loran

P.S. You can purchase designs from or hire any of the artists/companies featured on The Socialite Design by simply clicking on their names and visiting their respective websites.


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The Debut

As fate would have it, my very good friend Professor Tracey Walters (or Dr. Professor as I like to call her) gave me a Kate Spade Spiral Desktop Calendar for Christmas.  Perhaps she had visions of my new socialite life!  With snazzy calendar in hand, I diligently poured over social websites like Guest of a Guest and The New York Social Diary that provide a listing of private and open events to see where my journey would begin.  I selected a low-key function for my debut, a book signing at the ultra fan-tabulous Clic Gallery in Soho (you must visit!) for photographer Mike Schreiber’s ‘True Hip Hop.” After all I shouldn’t aim for the Tinsley Mortimer high society galas right off the bat. Right?

NYC Socialite Tinsley Mortimer

Selecting the right ensemble was crucial.  What would I wear?  For this event, I definitely wanted to be artsy chic. I went through my selection of new clothes (My Grandmother the Foxy Socialite still loves to shop and still has good taste!) and vintage gear.  I finally decided that since I was embarking upon uncharted territory, I wanted to cloak myself with something very comforting and familiar.  I chose a brilliant vintage coat that took me years to pry away from my Mother; a pair of ankle cowboy boots, skinny jeans; a gold & brown Bon Bon Vie t-shirt that reads “Brown Skin Lady” (in case there was any confusion) and some beautiful accessories that were bestowed upon me by my BFF and enormously artistically dexterous friend Angela (Her hand-crafted cards are divine!  Check out one of her paintings below).

Untitled by Angela Ford

The night before my inaugural socialite experience I was super excited and wanted to make sure that I was dazzling from head to toe.  I exfoliated my face; trying something new and natural, I whipped up some honey and sugar in the raw.  After about 60 seconds on my face the concoction began to itch feverishly. It was at that moment that I remembered I was allergic to honey.   So much for that particular natural remedy.   I used the same recipe on my hands (apparently my digits are much more resilient) and chased it with coconut oil.  To polish off the pampering of my hands, I manicured my fingernails.  It was like Bliss Spa up in here, up in here! (Shout out to DMX.)

Wednesday finally arrived and it was time for me to paint the town!  Michelle and Nadia were unavailable that evening.  But Stacey said she would be in attendance, albeit a bit late because she’s diligently working on a new documentary about Jesse Owens (more on that in a later blog).

I arrived at the book signing on time (my need to be punctual is hard to shake), but I didn’t want to be the first one in the spot, so I didn’t go in right away.  When I finally entered the gallery, the room didn’t part and there were no rumbles.  In fact, not one person noticed the new socialite on the scene. Ok, I exaggerated; one person did notice me – Photographer Leila Jacue, who agreed to attend the function & catch all of my good sides.  Senorita Jacue hails from Spain y ella es sumamente talentosa! Muchos gracias, Leila!!

Mike Schreiber, Tracee Loran, Tyson Hall

I ran into my boy Tyson Hall.  Tys and I go waaay back.  We were in an Amiri Baraka play together at the famed Nuyorican Poet’s Café.  I’m happy to say we are still doing it! He is a super dope artist and he has the flyest Mother!   Tyson is cool with ‘True Hip-Hop” author Mike Schreiber, so he made an intro.   Mike is good people; we chatted it up, talked about hip-hop and took pictures. Good times.  If you love hip-hop and have a grand appreciation for photography, you must pick up “True Hip-Hop”…now!

Chris Rucker, Tracee Loran, Van "The World Traveler"

The night made way for some interesting encounters.  I met Mike’s friend and an extremely gifted artist & furniture designer, Chris Rucker and Van, the World Traveler, who was not impressed with the fact that I guessed he had just returned from Brazil.  Hmph! The live action version of Squidward (Go ask your kids who that is…if you don’t know).

Stacey Holman, Tracee Loran

Stacey made her grand entrance; we took more photos, mingled and headed out. Our next mission was to crash an event at the Carlton Hotel hosted by Ne-Yo, Estelle and real estate guru Avi Oster.  Earlier that day, I’d acquired the cell phone number of the person in charge of the invitations.  When I called he was naturally taken aback that I had his number.  Oh I have my ways!  He told me to stop by and he would “see what happens.” Hmm, that was vaguely promising.  We followed his instructions, but when we arrived there were about 5 different guest list sergeants who didn’t seem to have a clue. Honestly, did there need to be so many?  I called my contact but he failed to answer the phone.  Hmmm. I don’t want to put Ciro of the Carlton Hotel on blast but, um. Wait I just did, didn’t I?  Oops! Well, that was fine with us because we took notice of the party guests and decided that it was too cold and they were too corny-looking to waste more time.  In the end, we were satisfied with the book signing and called it a night.

Mike Schreiber, Tracee Loran

I’d say my first night of being a socialite was a smashing success.  I had a great time and met some pretty funky people.  I think my Grandmother would be proud.  And if not, she will surely let me know.  She’s not shy!  Make sure you subscribe by clicking the “Sign me up!” button in the upper right hand side so you can check in on my next adventure. Until we meet again my friends, stay radically fabulous…


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