Unconventional. Eccentric. Creative. The three words that come to mind when describing the Young&ng Fall Presentation held Tuesday night at BODIES: The Exhibition.  Launched in Spring/Summer 2010, the haute couture jewelry line was founded by New Zealand born Designer Michelle Ng; it features exquisite wearable art like embellished headpieces and beautifully crafted cuffs that would  instantly transform Wonder Woman from superhero to Queen B.

It was pure genius and quite befitting to hold the presentation at the Bodies Exhibit, which extensively celebrates and explores the

Bodies @BODIES

human body. The anatomical setting provided a haunting backdrop as I, along with other event guests, walked around the Exhibit gawking at displays of real human bodies that have been prepared through a process called Polymer Preservation.

For about 45 minutes we acted as museum spectators wondering where the fashion show would actually take place.  Would it occur by the halogrammed fats cells or digestive system?  Would naked models mysteriously appear from the belly of the beast, so to speak?  Would Frankenstein or Vincent Price rise like a phoenix to announce the show’s commencement?  These were the questions buzzing in my head.  I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the anticipation was delightful.

L-R: Models Aleksandra Semechkina, Kelly Brown and Alyssa Young

At long last the fashion show began with a haunting musical prelude by Cellist Meaghan Burke. After several minutes of the eerily enchanting serenade, bikini-clad models unceremoniously started their march down the ‘run-way.’  Covered from head to toe in chalky white body paint, the live-action mannequins put on an arresting performance as they each methodically sauntered along the catwalk before striking a pose.  The svelte posers would hold those positions (in 4-inch wedge heels) for the duration of the presentation while we ogled them, admired the Young&ng jewelry that adorned their bodies and relentlessly snapped photos.  Who said modeling was easy?

Antique Gold Window Cuff & Antique Gold w/Red Swavorski Blood Cell Cuff

To put on an incredible spectacle, it takes an incredible team.  Young&ng Designer Michelle Ng laid the foundation with her dynamic vision and distinctive works of art. Also on board were Makeup Artist and Creative Director for the show, Justin Tyme (Yep, say the name rapidly and it will bring a smile to your face);  The Warren-Tricomi Hairstyling Team on Mad Ave; Young&ng Staff including Sales Coordinator Annie Yaker; show sponsor Ramy Gafni of Ramy Cosmetics and the stellar PR firm LERPR.

Tracee Loran, YN Model Alyssa Young and YN Designer Michelle Ng

Like the Young&ng show, I too had help putting my look together.  The very talented Makeup Artist Karen Swaby dropped by to accentuate my face with nice golden hues.  As an ensemble I decided on a slinky purple mosaic dress with smokey gray wool pumps, plum-colored tights and a super cute Lucky Wang clutch.

Tracee Loran & Model Aleksandra Semechkina

Tracee Loran & Ramy Gafni

Mother/daughter duo Robin & Rachel Adler provided my jewelry for the evening.  Their Queens, NY-based company Mockfrog features handcrafted pieces designed with bingo chips and rare bakelite materials.  So cool!

Snapping photos was gifted emerging Fashion Photographer and Graphic Designer Breezy Conner, who perfectly immortalized the “spirit” of the show.

My New York Fashion Week experience started off with a bang.  Next stop – the Kimberly Taylor Fall Presentation and you know I’ll be here to tell you all about it! Until then, stay radically fabulous…

MUA Justin Tyme & Tracee Loran

P.S. You can purchase designs from or hire any of the artists/companies featured on The Socialite Design by simply clicking on their names and visiting their respective websites.


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4 responses to “GIVE ME BODY

  1. Juny E. Francois

    Love this post! I felt like I was at the exhibit & show! Keep blogging, Ms. Socialite! 🙂

  2. Marjorie

    Well, that was entertaining! Thanks for bringing us along 🙂

  3. Valerie Joyner

    You look fabulous dahling! Thanks for keeping me in the social loop. I’ve been so out of it.

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