The Kimberly Taylor Fall 2011 Collection

Wednesday night I dropped by the Dop Dop Salon in Soho for the Kimberly Taylor Fashion Week Fall 2011 Presentation.  Bearing the name of its 25-year old founder, the womenswear label launched in Spring 2009 to rapid success and buzz-worthy reviews.  And why not?   It features fun, classic silhouettes and timeless garments that will undoubtedly transcend many eras of fashion.

L-R: Tracee Loran & Model Greta Sundquist

Using a predominantly black color palate with splashes of vibrant hues in the new collection, Kimberly remains true to her love of versatility as she pays homage to an inspirational London excursion. A long flowy maxi-dress and striking red gown that can double as formal wear or really snazzy night-on-the-town attire make strong, elegant statements while short playful cocktail dresses with animal prints speak to the flirty girl who desires to be trendy yet chic.  Also incorporated in the collection are boyfriend pieces like an over-sized vest and ankle-length trousers that are smart and stylish.

Tracee Loran

Knowing that KT runs a cute & classy operation, I knew that being cute & classy myself was a must!  I enlisted a talented squad of artists to help put my look together. Makeup Artist Sherry Singleton airbrushed my face to perfection.  Her work is flawless and she’s a real sweetheart!

Once again Queens, NY-based jewelry designers Robin and Rachel Adler of Mockfrog helped me accessorize with a lovely Bakelite Bib Necklace that perfectly complemented my Bisou Bisou Scarf Dress, black lace tights and Rampage Pumps.

L-R: Tracee Loran & Celebrity Hairstylist Nadia Vassell

Nadia Vassell, Celebrity Hairstylist and urban fashionista, was my P.I.C. for the evening. She was super hot in a cream DKNY mini and smoldering studded Sam Edelman Peeptoe Pumps that literally stopped traffic!

L-R: Model Kelly Gervais & Tracee Loran

Photographer and Graphic Designer Hideki Aono came along to document the evening. He most definitely worked the room snapping great shots of us with the models, event guests as well as Designer Kimberly Taylor.  Amid all of the hoopla Kimberly took a few minutes to chat with me about her line and vision.  Check out the interview below:

What was the inspiration for this collection?

My inspiration for this collection was a trip to London.  I saw some really sophisticated women dressing more classic than they were trendy. You couldn’t tell what pieces were old and what pieces were new because they were so put together.

L-R: Tracee Loran & Designer Kimberly Taylor

What adjective would you use to describe your line?

I would hope versatility would come to mind.  I would hope pieces with enough detail, but not overdone.  Simple.  Less is more.

What celebrity do you think embodies the Kimberly Taylor label?

That’s a good question…A modern girl; someone with a unique sense of style from a Sarah Jessica Parker to a Kate Bosworth.

If you could dress any historical figure who would it be?

I get to dream?  [Yes.] Jackie Kennedy.  She was elegant.  Elegance is something you can’t buy.

What motivated you to become a designer?

It’s a creative outlet.  My family’s in fashion.  I was always looking for what to wear…  How I would find my own points of view, personally.  Just a way for me to show that [POV] to everybody.

Fill in the blank. When I’m not wearing Kimberly Taylor, I’m wearing_______________.

Underwear. (Laughs)


Designer Kimberly Taylor

Kimberly is cute as a button and she’s imbued with impeccable fashion sense.  Did I mention that she has no formal training (or appearances on reality shows) and she started her label at an age when many people are still trying to find themselves? I’m willing to bet KT designs will line the racks of chic boutiques and high-end department stores for many years to come.  If you want to learn more about Kimberly Taylor or own one of her beautiful pieces, click here.

Fashion Week continues and there’s so much more to share. Until we meet again, stay radically fabulous…

L-R: Model Deanna Thomas & Tracee Loran

L-R: Sunday Wright, Roman Sipe & Tracee Loran

Got Style?

L-R: Greta Sunquist, Nadia Vassell & Kelly Gervais

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    Great piece! Thank you for the opportunity. Looks like everyone had a fabulous time!

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    great article,would you know where Deanna Thomas is represented at?

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