If You Ain’t Got Nothing Good To Say…

Raise your hand if your Mama or your Mama’s Mama ever said, “If you ain’t got nothing good to say don’t say nothing at all.”  Well, it’s been an interesting week of socialiting thus far.

Photographer Nicholas Small put me on to a neo rock group, The Crisis Team.  I listened to some of their songs, liked them and was excited to see their concert at Crash Mansion on Tuesday evening. As always I rsvp’d & received a confirmation. Um,yeah. Showed up at Crash Mansion all bright-eyed and was met with, “They are not on the list for tonight.  They cancelled.”

“If you ain’t got nothing good to say…”

Greenhouse Lounge

An emerging and pretty high-in-demand stylist, Steven Styles Cobb, invited me to a fashion show/after party at the trendy celebrity-magnet Greenhouse Thursday night. It was for the Rosa Pusher womenswear line.  The after party was to be hosted by self-made socialite Devorah Rose. Devorah is all plugged in to the Hampton’s scene and for some reason she keeps popping up in my web surfing, so I thought perhaps I’m supposed to meet this person.  Sounds like the recipe for a fun evening, right?

Yes, I rsvp’d and yes I received a confirmation. The phantom fashion show was to start at 7. Um, yeah. I arrived a little after that time and was greeted by locked doors. Called the lounge and was told that the show was really starting at 11.

“If you ain’t got nothing good to say…”

Nicholas, who came along to snap pictures, mentioned another fashion show for an up and coming designer that was to begin at 7 in the East Village.  I LOVE the Lower East Side, so I was all for it. The show was being held at La Vie, an ultra hip spot where taking a toke on a hookah is encouraged…if that’s your thing.  The ambiance is trés magnifique! Beautiful chandeliers, nice cushy seating and a great bathroom (that is key.)

I met the designer, Tapti Tapan of Soul by Tapti Tapan; we chatted a bit and I waited for the show to start.  The models didn’t hit the ‘runway’ until a couple of hours later.  Patience is not normally a strong suit for me, but I maintained. My Grandma would be proud.

Designer Tapti Tapan & Model

Tapti worked in the industry for over 9 years, before deciding to branch out alone. This is only her second solo show.  Prior to launching her womenswear collection she sold a line of gorgeous lampshades to the uber chic ABC Home & Carpet where you can blow rent money on a candle purchase. Tapti says her new collection is designed for the comfort of any woman and is inspired by “the waves of the ocean.”

Nature’s influence is definitely apparent as she used lots of color in the collection along with long airy skirts.  My favorite piece was a yellow tank top paired with a long flowing skirt that resembled a light-textured denim. The look was finished with a real cotton belt. Super cute.

Met a new homie, aspiring fashion coordinator and super fashionista Maria Bryant.  Miss B. was dipped in a black vintage blazer with red buttons, red, black and white plaid mini, super cute black tights w/bowtie & crisscross patterns and a pair of hot black metallic Carlos Santana pumps.  To quote Maria she was rocking the “throwback classy” look.  You can catch this fashionista-on-the-rise in the February issued of Essence in the “Street Style” section or follow her stylish musings on Twitter @MisMariaB.

As for my gear…I wore my absolute favorite article of clothing, a long black vinyl/leather skirt from Exodus by Jon Berry. I paired it with a really funky gold metallic tank provided by the Mess Queen, who specializes in snazzy “leggingz”.  Thanks Courtney!

Jewelry designer Ayaka Nishi benevolently entrusted me with her uniquely exquisite creations, which pay complete homage to earth and its wonderful creatures. I was honored to be the first person to wear the  lava,  brass & leather Fish Scales Necklace.  Ayaka had just finished making the piece when I walked into her East Village studio and she allowed me to christen it.  Awww shucks! The work of art was partnered with a pair of gold/diamond bubble earrings, gold and gunmetal bangles and sea urchin ring.

Tracee Loran featuring Ayaka Nishi Jewelry

Ayaka’s work has been featured in Vogue and ELLE and various fashion shows. Seems I have something in common with Miss Willow Smith. Jada & Will’s little starlet also pulled (borrowed for laymen) a few pieces from Ayaka’s collection for a new video shoot.  Yes I said new video! So I haven’t figured out if it’s a good thing that I have the same taste as a ten-year old miniature diva. Hmm?

After Tapti’s presentation I headed back over to the Greenhouse to see if this

Willow Smith

phantom fashion show had begun.  Guess what? This show was nowhere to be found. Big surprise there.  To top it off I was hassled by clichéd velvet rope security.  Apparently the owner/manager or whoever he is was falsely led to believe that he walks on water and is the most important person in NYC. We all know that title belongs to Puffy, right. 😉

“It you ain’t got nothing good to say…”

Yeah, pretty interesting week indeed.  But Friday night promises to be smashing! Until then…stay radically fabulous.


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3 responses to “If You Ain’t Got Nothing Good To Say…

  1. Hi Tracee, I am apologizing on the behalf of Fashion Designer Tammy Pusher as she was not the one who sat down in the meetings with the Managers of the Venue to plan this Event. This event was handled by Devorah Rose’s Team, not Tammy Pusher’s. Again, all of The Rosa Pusher Event’s will be handled efficiently and effectively and we apologize that you’ve received the wrong Invite. We’ve tried sending out the new and updated invite to everyone, obviously you did not receive it and we apologize for that again. Thanks so much!!

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