About TSDB

Grassroots Marketing for Small Businesses (and Entertainers too!)

The popular quote, “If you build it, they will come” only works in award-winning baseball movies.  In the real business world, when you build it, then promote it, then promote it some more…they will come.  Many small business owners fall short when it pertains to marketing their companies.  That’s where The Socialite Design Marketing Team steps in. We understand that starting a business and effectively executing a marketing plan can be a bit overwhelming.

Chances are you don’t have several million dollars in your budget to run a fancy commercial campaign (but if you do, we can surely craft something BRILLIANT for you!) so we have affordable packages that are both creative and influential.

You don’t have to worry about anything except satisfying your customers. Just provide us with the basic information about your company and we’re off to the lab to devise a smashing marketing blueprint just for you.  When it’s all said and done, you’ll have a fully functioning website, incredibly clever website content, eye-catching taglines and slogans, social networking tools, and results-driven promotions that are super fun.  You’ll want for nothing…except more of what we can offer!

Take a look at our Starter Kit Packages and portfolio then contact us for rates.  Don’t delay; “they” are searching for you!

Super-Size Starter Kit

  • Consultation
  • Research
    • We’ll do our best 007 impersonation so we can see what your competitors are up to and how their websites are designed and functioning
    • Company Branding
      • Develop Website
        • Create website content including but not limited to:
        • Company slogans/taglines/motto/mission statement
        • Founder/Owner bio
        • Company information
        • Company history
        • Products/Services offered w/descriptions and prices
        • Search Engine Optimization (so potential customers can find you)
        • Social Media Implementation and/or Enhancement
          • Create or Update Facebook Fan Page, Twitter & Yelp Accounts for Biz
          • Include pertinent images
          • Three months of monitoring/updating website, social networking sites
          • Establish Business Email Addresses (You can have up to 10)
            • Input all of your email addresses in your database
            • Send out an initial email to your clients/customers announcing your new business and/or your new online presence
            • Develop Marketing/Promo & Guerrilla Marketing Plans
              • Establish promotional newsletter account
              • Create initial promo & blast email to customer base
              • Create a total of three promos: one per month
              • Extras (These can be added for an additional cost)
                • Company Logo
                • Video Capabilities Added to Site
                • Product photos taken by our photographers

Fun-Size Starter Kit

  • Consultation+
  • All of the above excluding website development & business email set-up

Pint-Size Starter Kit

  • Consultation+
  • Develop Marketing/Promos & Guerrilla Marketing Plans

Check out our marketing portfolio then contact us today!