For Actors Only

You know what they say, “It’s called show business, not show recreation or show vacation or show play!”  That simply means you have to run your career as a CEO would run a major corporation.  In today’s digital, high-tech, social media obsessed world things move faster than celebrity gossip!  What’s hot today is chilly tomorrow or lukewarm at best.  The old school way of promoting yourself as an actor just doesn’t cut it anymore.  Tedious mailings.  Gone!  Incessant postcarding. Gone!  Cool, functional websites and eye-catching promotions are getting the Red Carpet treatment now.

You’ve no doubt honed your craft at the finest performing arts conservatory or taken acting  classes with some of the best teachers.  You’ve probably attended several acting seminars and rubbed elbows with many awesome industry professionals. Now it’s time to shamelessly promote your “business” like The Kardashians.

Let The Socialite Design for Business craft an exclusive marketing blueprint fit for any A-List celebrity.   We love actors! It is our belief that famous people shouldn’t get all the goodies; that’s why we’ve crafted a special Swag Bag for V.I.A.’s (Very Important Actors) like you.  You’ll get:

  • Consultation
  • Super Cool, Super Functional Website w/Blog
  • Smashing Bio
  • Rave Reviews Page [real reviews that you collect from former teachers, producers, directors, fellow thespians]
  • Video Page to Promote Your Work
  • Eye-Catching Promotions [one/month for two months]
  • Social Media Promotions [four/month for two months]
  • Results-Proven Networking Tips
  • Networking Assistance [we’ll create crafty follow-up messages for any industry professionals you meet during our two-month agreement]
  • Two New Blog Posts
  • Fun, Relevant Poll Questions [to attract visitors to your site & keep them engaged while there]
  • Three Business Email Addresses [i.e.]
  • BONUS: The Actor’s Recession Survival Guide [learn how to land those competitive freelance CL gigs + more!]
  • Extras for Additional Fee
    • Super Hot Business Logo
    • HD Capability for Videos
    • Event Coverage for Your Performances & Personal Appearances

Take a look at our portfolio then contact us for special “Actors Only” rates.  Your audience awaits!

2 responses to “For Actors Only

  1. Hi Tracee,
    I want to thank you for your incredible work, use of words and attention to detail. The brochure and bio you created for me has been put to good use. Every time I am out, I have professional advertising to distribute or forward. Additionally, I’ve gotten great feedback from the curriculum vitae that you organized for me.

    I don’t have time to create these small, yet important pieces of representation. Besides, as a creative person, my mind doesn’t organize in the “corporate” or “structured” way. I truly thank you for providing this service at affordable prices.

    Thank you!!!

    • Thank you for the kind note, Alicia. I’m happy The Socialite Design for Business has been beneficial for you and your career! That’s pretty awesome! Your wonderful comments have been included in the “Radically Happy Customers” section for all to see. 🙂

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