Radically Happy Customers

Don’t take my word for it.  Hear it straight from the source!


Tracee Loran [Lead Designer, The Socialite Design for Business] is one of the most creative people I know.  She designed & launched my website and began marketing my company approximately three weeks ago and it has been a bit of a whirlwind ever since! Orders for my candy products have poured in & customers have made terrific comments about the site like this one:

“AWESOME website; functionality, photo art, the snow, and the script.  WELL DONE!!!“  – Jan Toye           

I love what The Socialite Design for Business has done for BTC and I firmly believe they can do the same for anyone seeking to market a new or growing business!  

~Duane Clark, Bittersweet Toffee Company


The Socialite Design for Business is a great asset for small business owners. Their ability to build a marketing plan from thought to fruition has played an integral part in my company’s rapid growth.  Through understanding new age marketing trends and innovative strategies, The Socialite Design for Business has helped me reach new clientele and stay closely connected to my existing ones. They always seem to be working on my business’ growth, even when I’m not…

 ~Marlon Hargrave, The Thespian King


I don’t circulate my newsletter until Tracee Loran says “It’s good to go”.  After Tracee works her magic and puts her stamp of approval, my newsletters read more fun and fluidly…. I look forward to utilizing The Socialite Design for Business and Ms. Loran’s services with future projects.

~Erica Ball, Actors


Hi Tracee,

I want to thank you for your incredible work, use of words and attention to detail. The brochure and bio you created for me has been put to good use. Every time I am out, I have professional advertising to distribute  or forward. Additionally, I’ve gotten great feedback from the curriculum vitae that you organized for me.

I don’t have time to create these small, yet important pieces of representation. Besides, as a creative person, my mind doesn’t organize in the “corporate” or “structured” way. I truly thank you for providing this service at affordable prices.

Thank you!!!

~Alicia Williams, Storyteller/Teaching Artist

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